The Museum Village

Each summer season brings a new theme, something interesting to see and to explore at the Museum Village area.


Antti`s Cottage – In “Antin Tupa“ you have the opportunity to see demonstrations of old work methods, such as carding, spinning and yarn dyeing. You can also see demonstration on weaving ragrugs. During the summer season there are also many interesting floating theme exhibitions.

Blacksmith`s shop – In former days the Blacksmith`s shop was the center of the village community. All necessary tools and implements of the households were usually made by the smith. At the Blacksmith`s shop is a wide amount of equipment to be found on display in relation to the work of the smith. During summer season you will get the opportunity to see work demonstrations performed by the best village blacksmith of the nation.

Grandfather`s carpenter workshop – The carpenter`s workshop gives you an excellent idea about the early mechanization of the 20th century. You will also find a wide variety of wood working tools and several machines with wooden frames and carding frames, all in good condition and still functioning. Right by the carpenter shop there is also an old transforming station.

Old Village shop – You can visit at the general store from the 1930`s-40`s. In the same building there is also an old village post office, a telephone exchange, a watchmaker`s shop and a photographic laboratory. Outside of the shop there is an old filling station. During the summer season there are many interesting exhibitions such as the local watchmaker Lassila`s exhibition and Otto Junnola`s photography exhibition.

The Lemonade Factory and the Bakery during 1930’s and 1940’s.

Museum of Agriculture – You can see exhibits that reflect finnish agricultural heritage. There appears a wide amount of tools and utensils needed at farmhouses and for agricultural life in the old days.

Museum of Wilderness presents woodcraft, hunting and fishing in different sections. In addition, you can see the a Motor museum, a Tar Pit, a Brick Factory, a Crofter’s Cottage and a Village School from 40’s.

juna-ja-poikarattaat-ja-lapsetLapset ja heppa

Antique Car and Tractor Area – Antique cars and tractors, a fantastic attraction which everyone will enjoy. There are vehicles and machinery from “granfather`s period“. If you are into old cars, tractors and farm machinery, then you will love this place. If you are lucky, you might even get a little ride with a tractor!

In the Peasant Museum village area you can find an old Fishing Boat, which is a perfect venue for private events, large or small.