The Toivonen Animal Park and the Peasant Museum offers to visitors unforgettable experiences with animals from countryside. During the visit, it is possible to learn something about animals with the help of our animalcarers. It is both educational and fun!There is lots of animals to see, for example goats, sheeps, chickens, roosters, pony, pigs, cows, guineapigs, cats and dogs.

At the Toivonen Animal Park and the Peasant Museum village you can experience a genuine old-time rural atmosphere. It covers many dimensions of agriculture and peasant living, and the area surely has something for everyone. What does a blacksmith`s shop, an old village school or a shoemaker`s shop look like? What tools and utensils were needed at farmhouses and for agricultural life in the old days? You can find the answers to these questions and many others during your visit at the Toivonen Animal Park and the Peasant Museum!

In Antti`s Cottage you have to opportunity to see work demonstrations of the old handicraft tradition, such as carding, spinning and yarn dyeing. You can also see demonstration on weaving ragrugs. In summertime a number of different exhibitions are held at the Antti`s Cottage and other surrounding buildings.

There is a playground in the museum village where children loves to play from year to another. Playground is fun place for kids because there is so much to do and other kids to have fun with.

We arrange lessons for groups in the old village school and story moments in the Museum village.

Groupticket (minimum of 10 persons) is 4.5 euro/children and 7 euro/adult.

Supplementary programme and guided tours for groups can be arrranged by order in advance. To reserve time for work demonstrations and serving areas in advance, contact at tel.+358 500 666 535 or email