The Savupirtti-cafe operates in an old farmhouse building which is built in 1700`s. In the Savupirtti-cafe you can enjoy a selection of sandwiches, rolls and pastries. Everything is freshly made and from local bakery. You can also buy Laitila`s lemonade and other refreshing drinks. There is plenty of room in upstairs to have a coffee, a meeting room for rent and also changing exhibitions.

The Handicraft-and Giftshop moved to the big room of Matti`s House. In the shop you can find peasant-like and animal themed products, local handigrafts and some secondhand products. There is also modern decoration products for sale. The opening hours of the shop are from noon to 6pm every day. You can visit this shop without paying the entrance fee to the park.


The Savupirtti-cafe and Matti`s House are the operational centre of The Toivonen Animal Park and the Peasant Museum.

Matti`s House

In the summer season of 1998 the Matti`s House opened its doors. It is locationed at the Peasant Museum`s courtyard. This beautiful 2-storey farmhouse was built in the 1850`s and was moved to the site from Ruotsalo, which is a village in Kälviä. In Matti`s House, there is the toymuseum which invites children of all ages and their families to experience the history of toys and upstairs are the transistor radio and sewing machine exhibitions. In Matti`s House you can also see the room from 50`s and the mangle-room.

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