Animal Park

In The Toivonen Animal Park you can meet the animals from the old countryside village. Pony called Erkki, pigs called Fettu and Putte and all the other animals such as cows, chickens, roosters, goats and sheeps are waiting for you to visit. Also Lilli-cat with her kittens and Alma-dog with her puppies are waiting for you to see them.

At the Animal park you can find and use little pullingtractors and carts to drag children around with those. If you get hungry or thirsty, you will find some drinks and sweet and salty food in the Savupirtti-cafe.


The playpark area has got wider. It was built in year 2016, the playhouse area gets updated every year and also gets some new themes for the decoration. Some of the playhouses are open for children to play. Children are enjoying themselves in this area, playing in playshop and several playhouses.


During the summer there is accommodation available at a reasonable price at the cottage- and caravanarea for the entire family, even for longer staying. Each cottage accommodates 3-4 persons. Find out all about accommodation options from Savupirtti-cafe or email